Weaving facility being the back bone of our every export house. With the blessing of all mighty Allah, Hudabia Textiles consists of of 200 ” Sulzer Looms ” which can produce about 1.5 Million meter of fabric on monthly basis.

tw-11 110″ 20
TW-11 130″ 110
P-7100 143″ 50
TW-11 153″ 20

along with that an iron strength of 500 Auto looms.

112″ 160 looms
118″ 140 looms
126″ 150 looms

Our Product range involves,poly cotton,100% cotton, cotton riched (cvc), filamentand CF fabrics.
From T50 – -T1,000 Weaves including all kind of “Percale”, “Twills”, ” Sateen (Plain, Box, Stripe, Pin Stripe) ” ,”Dobbies” ,”Flannel”, “Half Panama”, &”Duck”.